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The movie that doesn’t exist and the Redditors that think it does

Are we failing to protect the child stars of YouTube?

Spitting out the Red Pill: Former misogynists reveal how they were radicalised online

Logan Paul filmed a dead body – on YouTube, there is no line that cannot be crossed

We need to talk about the online radicalisation of young, white women

Tweeting terror: what social media reveals about how we respond to tragedy

Inside the sex, money, and scandal of Instagram’s puppet community

How 15 minutes of fame became 15 minutes of shame

Why are children on YouTube saying their parents are dead?

The biggest racist on Twitter – and the ordinary man whose face he stole

The story of Brad and Jenny: why boyfriends humiliate girlfriends for social media fame

Why are “smol puppers” cuter than “little dogs”?

Every stage of the Keaton Jones saga exposed another terrible thing about the internet

Living the Meme: a series of articles on what life is like for the internet famous

How veganism went from a fringe food cult to a multibillion-pound industry

The Millionaire Makers: What happens when 100,000 people create their own lottery?

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June 2019 cover story, Greta Thunberg: How one teenager became the voice of the planet

October 2017 cover story, Swipe right for equality: how Bumble is taking on sexism

February 2019 feature, Safe and sound: The dodgy, vulnerable fame of YouTube’s child ASMR stars

THE MODERATORS: my regular column on the people who run online communities 

The stressful, gruelling reality of being a #RelationshipGoals couple

The UK’s weird portion sizes make no sense. What went wrong?

Tiger King merch shows the deep flaw of ‘true crime’ entertainment

YouTube’s Candy King is running a sugary online cartel

Meet the choreographers behind some of TikTok’s most viral dances


So long, salt and vinegar: how crisp flavours went from simple to sensational

‘They have you in a cultish grip’: the women losing thousands to online beauty schemes

The strange case of Marina Joyce and internet hysteria

MeToo hummus: what happens when your brand becomes a global movement?

Got a grand for my cat’s gap year? The unstoppable rise of ‘I want’ crowdfunding

Is it safe to turn your children into YouTube stars?

Harry Potter and the explosion of Hogwarts’ merchandise

Zoella’s book club: cute, glittery – but all a bit vanilla

Don’t be proud of ignorance about YouTube celebrity culture

Leave Britney Alone was the prototype of a viral hit – it couldn’t happen now

‘I’m paranoid it’s meat’: the rise of vegan conspiracy theories

Forcing social-media influencers to be clear about #ads? Good luck with that

i News

How Zoella could save Jeremy Corbyn

The only way to make a good film about anorexia would be to make a bad one

Cakes on the Great British Bake Off are getting more complicated – an in-depth investigation

And the winner is… How the pause became the biggest thing on reality television

Momo challenge: The media is whipping up a moral panic over a ‘suicide game’ which may not even exist

Entertainment vs ethics: how psychologists protect reality TV contestants’ mental health


April 2018 issue, #MeToo: The changing face of dating apps

One in ten men don’t think upskirting is sexual harassment – we investigate why

Red Dead Redemption 2’s male rape scene has divided players

Bros talk exclusively about going viral

Hold on, the Muppets are… influencers now? 


“I hated every woman”: Former incels explain how their virginity evolved into rage

Face value: How movies cast “ugly” characters – and how it feels to get the part 

How are doomsday preppers reacting now it actually feels like the end of the world?

“I didn’t think I was blackout material”: How it feels to get rejected on national TV

How one man became the unlikely face of British blokes

Predicting who will win the Great British Bake Off 2018 based on the contestants’ social media

Is your WhatsApp group toxic?

The Telegraph / Telegraph Magazine

18 August 2018 issueRise of the women haters: Inside the dark world of the British ‘incels’

‘I like it when there’s drama’: Meet the children addicted to Love Island

Murder, lies and the mother who wanted her girl to have cancer: with The Act, has true crime TV gone too far?

Why you should think twice before tweeting about Love Island contestants

Mary Beard interview: ‘I worry about the fate of anyone who appears on Love Island’

How are there fifteen separate Harry Potter advent calendars?

‘This was my life – not a game show ploy’: inside reality TV’s grim obsession with sob stories

Sadvertising: why banking TV ads become more mawkish in a crisis

British Airways High Life

May 2018 issue, What happens when your hotel becomes Insta-famous?


Seriously: why does everyone’s mum use that same cookie tin for sewing stuff?’

Formerly “ugly” people describe how society treats you differently when you’re beautiful

Young, old, male, female: Who gets believed on the internet?

The full story of the legendary Fyre Festival cheese sandwich

I opened the most ridiculous Advent Calendars on the market

Home Coming: Richmond, North Yorkshire

Caroline Calloway and the gossip sites built to bitch about influencers

The real reasons kids want to become YouTubers

The Selfie Factory is not the end of the world

On Reddit’s ‘Am I the Asshole?’ This Is Who Decides If You’re the Asshole

People with dead meme tattoos tell us whether they regret it

Definitive proof The Simpsons kids have aged

The story of the ‘Baby Benz’, the world’s most coveted toy

An Exhaustive Analysis of 300 Winning Dishes on ‘Come Dine With Me’

Who makes up the stories on Reddit’s r/Relationships?


Why do we experience the curse of conversation envy?

Experts explain why you don’t feel Christmassy

New Scientist

The strange rise of mukbang parents who feed their kids fast food for cash

The truth about generations: Why millennials aren’t special snowflakes

A new wave of apps say they can improve your friendships – can they?

Dazed & Confused

Why I love the trashy, hated, live-action Bratz movie

How AI is being used to create fake revenge porn of political women

My search for the most obscure subculture on the internet

Penguin’s The Happy Reader

Issue No.9 – Three Cheers for Piracy

Issue No. 12 – Electropets


‘Know My Name’ and the fallacy of the ‘perfect victim’

The 5 greatest film adaptations of ‘A Christmas Carol’


Life when you’re both overweight and anorexic

What happens when you get scammed by an influencer


Why do teenage girls scribble out their faces on Instagram?

It’s time to talk about chewing and spitting disorder

What happens when therapists get bad online reviews

The obsession with online beauty conspiracy theories

New Statesman columns

When my Polish grandmother was exiled to Siberia in WW2, India gave her a home

The myth of Generation Snowflake: how did “sensitive” become a dirty word?

JK Rowling created an army of liberals – now they are turning against her

Are you a reducetarian? Meat-eating is no longer all or nothing

“I just made spaghetti!” Why brands are selling millennials a twee vision of “adulting”

From subtweets to sarcastic put-downs – why we’re all becoming cyberbullies

Why we need to hear the phrase “I don’t know” more often in a world of instant online opinions

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15 Extremely Rare And Little-Known Harry Potter Facts

15 Other Things We Can’t Believe Are Not Butter

15 Amazing JK Rowling Tweets That Somehow Went Under The Radar

The Essential English Dictionary of Words from Friends

This Is What Honest Summaries Of Friends Episodes Would Look Like

The Definitive Ranking Of Every Single Friends Character Ever

9 times cartoons scarily predicted the future


How a UTI nearly killed me


Should internet porn be banned?

The Observer / Observer Magazine

Why do some people develop the lost camera films of total strangers?

The man who takes tech apart – so we can learn how to fix it

Can we stop America’s teen vaping epidemic arriving in Britain?

Psychic future: what next for the ‘precog economy’?

Internet linguist Gretchen McCulloch: ‘I’m still figuring out what’s going on with the comma ellipsis’

Mouse whisperers: meet the Disney influencers making a living at the Magic Kingdom

Walk on by: why do we ignore bad behaviour?

Pandemic shaming: is it helping us keep our distance?

Paths of desire: lockdown has lent a new twist to the trails we leave behind

Honey, I shrunk the shopping

‘I’m 21 and I’ve never been kissed’: six people on big experiences they haven’t had

Truly, madly, deeply: meet the people turning their basements into secret fantasy worlds


“Everyone On Twitter Is Insufferable”: ‘Eighth Grade’ Director Bo Burnham On YouTube Fame And Online Anxiety

The New York Times

British reality television is a theatre of cruelty

Life after prison, on YouTube


Reality TV turned these kids into villains. YouTube gave them a chance to set the record straight

Why more and more people watch YouTube videos on 2x speed

How it feels to vlog your wife’s death

Washington Examiner

Whatever happened to quicksand?

The pandemic puzzle


Funko Pops: How aggressively cute toys for adults became a $686 million business

How foil balloons went from Instagram bait to every party in America


Reality Checks: why we’re tearing down the influencer industry


How it feels to be a young climate activist using social media


From how-tos to hauls: ten years of beauty YouTube

How and why we still feel FOMO in lockdown

MIT Technology Review

Meet the wannabe kidfluencers struggling for stardom

“Am I going crazy or am I being stalked?” Inside the disturbing online world of gangstalking


The futile, hypnotic quest of dumpster diving for gift cards


Playhouse flippers: the parents renovating toy houses for toddlers


YouTubers are destroying their hair for internet fame