In 2017, I coined the phrase ‘Search and Shame’ which went on to become the focus of a BBC documentary, which I appeared in, called Shamed: You Are What You Tweet

Newsnight  debunking the rumours about the ‘Momo challenge’

BBC News – explaining Logan Paul’s fame and the ‘suicide forest’ video controversy

Newsnight – discussing the lack of regulation of YouTube personalities

BBC World News – reflecting on the KSI v. Logan Paul boxing match 

BBC News Outside Source – examining the motivations of people who post fake stories on social media


BBC Five Live Daily debating the success of e-petitions, 47 min. in

BBC Radio 4, The Digital Human discussing the Mandela effect and online communities

BBC Radio 4, PMarguing against the government’s ineffectual plan to limit access to internet porn, 30 min. in

BBC Five Live – discussing information overload and speed-watching YouTube videos, 9 min. in

Online video

Telegraph Magazine Inside the dark world of the British ‘incels’


New Statesman #224 exploring gendered language in emails

SRSLY Harry Potter Special discussing domesticity and family in the Harry Potter books and films

The Outline World Dispatch – explaining why everyone’s mum uses the same cookie tin to store sewing stuff